A collection of early letters by Arnold Schoenberg, edited by Ethan Haimo and Sabine Feisst, has been published in Japanese in a translation by musicologist Akitsugu Sano.

Early in his career, the composer Arnold Schoenberg maintained correspondence with many notable figures: Gustav Mahler, Heinrich Schenker, Guido Adler, Arnold Rosé, Richard Strauss, Alexander Zemlinsky, and Anton von Webern, to name a few. In this volume of Oxford's Schoenberg in Words series, Ethan Haimo and Sabine Feisst present English translations of the entirety of Arnold Schoenberg's early correspondence, from the earliest extant letters in 1891 to those written in the aftermath of the controversial premieres of his String Quartet No. 1, Op. 7, and the Kammersymphonie, Op. 9. Presented alongside the editors' extensive running commentary, the more than 300 letters in this volume create a vivid picture of the young Schoenberg and his times. In March 2023, a translation of the volume appeared in Japanese, prepared by musicologist Akitsugu Sano.

シェーンベルク書簡集―世紀末ウィーンの一断面 一八九一年~一九〇七年五月

[Schönberg’s Correspondence. Vienna at the Turn of the Century 1891 to May 1907]

Edited by Ethan Haimo and Sabine Feist, translated by Akitsugu Sano

音楽之友社 [Ongaku no Tomosha] 2023

Available here: www.kinokuniya.co.jp